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Are you looking for a Character Counter Tool for your captions? We all know that so many social media applications restrict us from writing the whole story behind a photo or video. Various platforms have a word limit that stops us from sharing what’s in our hearts. So, what’s the solution? How to write the whole story in fewer words? How to track the work count?

Character Counter Tool is the answer to these questions. The best app to assist you in writing the perfect copies. It allows you to keep the correct count in sight while writing.

What is Character Counter Info Tool?

Character Counter Tool is a free online tool that allows you to get the correct count of words or characters of your text copies. You can quickly type your text and get the character count instantly. This is designed to help you get the exact text count and save time.

How to Use this Character Counter Info Tool?

Just write your text in the white text area, or copy-paste your text in the same. Below the text area, the counter bar will show the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and spaces. It has a unique feature to help you count letters, digits, and special characters. As soon as you start typing, the counter bar will instantly update and show the results.

Features of Character Counter Info Tool?

1. It instantly calculates the number of characters, words, and sentences.

2. Comes with a unique feature to count digits and special characters.

3. You can copy-paste text from other resources and get the count

4. It is a free online word counter tool.

5. There is no limit on text length.

This Character Counter Info Tool works on simply any device. No matter if you have a smart phone, PC, or tablet, the word counter will work flawlessly!