Add Text: Write on Photos, Videos, Add Fonts

Download Add Text: Write on Photos, Add Fonts apps to create unique personalized content.

Add Text Write on Videos, Add Fonts

It is always better when you can personalize your photos or videos before sharing them with friends or over social media. A few words can do wonders and improve the impact of your pictures or videos. Download this app t help you add text to photos and videos.

Add text Write on Photos, Videos, Add Fonts is an incredible app for windows to edit your photos and videos with text. It allows you to add text in a few simple steps and save your creation quickly. Get the app and start making some amazing content to share. 


Step 1: Download and install the app on your device. 

  • Open the app, and you’ll find two options – Text on Photos and text on Videos. 
  • Choose the Text on Videos option and select the video you want to edit. 

Step 2: Before adding text to your video, you can crop your video of your desired length. 

  • Use the frame selector to set the length. 

Step 3: Add text to your photos using the Add Text button.

  • You can edit text font, color, and size. 
  • You can also make basic text adjustments such as alignment, spacing, spacing or adding shadow effects. 

Step 4: The app offers features to add stickers and images to your video.

  • With the Stickers option, you can add a variety of stickers. The app offers various categories with multiple options for stickers.
  • Use the Add Image button to select images to add to your video. You can add multiple images. These images will be added as stickers to the video.

Step 5: Once done, save your creation instantly. 

Add Text Write on Photos, Videos, Add Fonts app is a very convenient and easy-to-use app for Windows. It allows you to make amazing videos by adding text, stickers, and images. Download the app now.