Notebook: Sticky Notes and Reminders

Notebook: Sticky Notes & Reminders is the solution to all your questions. 

Are you always forgetting things or tasks to do on time? Are you one of those folks who like to keep notes and write down important things on any page or anywhere? If the answer to any of this is YES? Then you are at the right place.

Notebook: Sticky Notes & Reminders is the solution to all your questions. This note-taking app allows you to make notes quickly on the go. This is the best easy-to-use notes-making app. With Notebook: Sticky Notes & Reminder, you can create notes and personalize them by adding images.

The sticky notes app offers a feature to set reminders and timely record your notes. The unique feature of this app allows you to pin your important notes or messages in the taskbar for easy one-click access.

The app allows you to create folders and add your notes for easy division and access to all your notes. You can customize your notes with different colors and text formatting options. If you wish to remove notes from the main screen without deleting them, you can simply move them to archives for later use.


Step 1:- Download and install the application on your device. Open the app and create a note by using ‘Add a Note. The app is simple and easy to use, which allows you to make notes quickly.

Step 2: You can customize your notes with text formatting options. You will find text editing options such as font style, size, spacing, alignment, etc. You can also add a checklist and pointers to your notes.

Step 3: The app allows you to customize your notes with different colors.

Step 4: You can categorize your notes by creating folders and adding your notes in them for easy division and access to your entire note.


  • Images: Add images to your notes to make your notes more effective and appealing.
  • Reminder Notes: Set reminders to your notes and make sure to catch everything necessary.
  • Archives: Not ready to delete a note? Move it to the Archives section to access it later in future without deleting it.
  • One-Click Access: Access your notes in one click by pinning them to the taskbar.
  • The Notebook: Sticky Notes & Reminders app is very easy and convenient if you wish to make notes regularly. Get the app and start creating unique customized notes to track your work.