XRecorder - Screen Recorder and GIF Maker

Creating unique and trendy GIFs is a piece of cake now. Turn screen recordings into GIFs instantly.

Creating one-of-a-kind and stylish GIFs is now a piece of cake. Instantly convert screen recordings to GIFs. Save time seeking good GIFs by easily creating your own. With XRecorder – Screen Recorder and GIF Maker, you can make your GIFs by recording the screen, capturing frames, and webcam recordings. This GIF maker and editing tool provide numerous choices for creating a GIF.


The screen recorder feature allows you to record the screen of your laptop/PC in real-time. You can make GIFs whenever you see something interesting. After recording, you can use several editing options to alter the GIF frame by frame.


You may use the application to alter GIFs and add text or free-hand drawings. The Capture Frame feature enables you to instantly record a particular frame of your screen and convert it into a GIF. The Watermark function allows you to personalize your GIFs by applying a watermark to them.


Canvas recording features allow you to generate GIFs by painting on Canvas and modifying the results into stunning GIFs. It includes the ability to crop the canvas size after recording. You may also add watermarks and cinemagraphs to your GIFs.


This GIF creation app has a unique function that allows you to capture your webcam. It enables you to record yourself and make a fantastic GIF. Create and share your emotions – download the app and start quickly and easily creating unique and creative GIFs.

Steps to Use XRecorder – Screen Recorder and GIF Maker

Step 1: Download and install the app on your device. Open the app and get started with the multiple features available to capture the screen.

Step 2: Use the camera icon to start recording the screen.

Step 3: You can adjust the audio settings before recording the screen. You can select to record audio from any connected device. 

Step 4: The app has various editors to capture screens and create GIFs. 

Step 5: The XRecorder has a unique function of recording a webcam and covert it into a GIF. Select the Web Recording option to record a live webcam.

Step 6: There are various video editing features to edit GIFs like a PRO. You can also add watermarks and cinemagraphs to your GIFs.

Step 7: With the Settings option, you can adjust the basic adjustments for the recording screen. 

Step 8: The Canvas Recording feature allows you to generate GIFs by painting on Canvas and convert them into stunning GIFs.