Translate All Languages - Language Translator

 Download the Translate Now: Language Translator app, and get your text translated into your language instantly.

Whether you have shifted to a foreign nation or started learning a new language, it is always difficult to grab onto the language fluency. You must have a language translate with you to help you get through such situations where you are not able to understand what’s said or written.

Download this amazing language translator for your Windows device – Translate All Languages – Language Translator. The Translate Now: Language Translator app allows you to quickly translate text from one language to another. This is a free online application; you must have an internet connection to use it.

Steps to Use Translate All Languages – Language Translator App

Step 1:- Download and install the app on your device. As this app is a free online application, you will need an internet connection to run it.

Step 2:- Once installed, open the app and find two tabs to add and extract text from.

Step 3:- Use the dropdown button to choose your desired input language. You can also copy and paste text using the paste icon at the bottom of the input textbox.

Step 4:- Similarly, use the dropdown button to choose your desired output language, i.e. the language you wish to convert your text into.

Step 5:- Once done, you will get translated text instantly. You can also listen to the translated text to get the correct pronunciation. Additionally, you can copy the translated text using the copy icon at the bottom of the output text box.

Step 6:- The app offers a wide range of languages to translate your text and connect as many people as possible. Get the app today and connect with people worldwide.